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The DNA emoji (đŸ§Ŧ) was added in 2018 as part of Unicode 11.0 along with a whole slate of new science emoji, including the lab coat, microbe, test tube, and petri dish. These scientific emoji were originally proposed by a group of science enthusiasts, with the support of the American Chemical Society, and General Electric, which has runs an emoji-based science outreach campaign.

When the DNA emoji was first announced the science community was in uproar when Emojipedia depicted the double helix twisting the wrong way. This was later corrected in Emojipedia version 11.1.

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DNA Emoji Device Compatibility Check

✅ Apple iOS 12.1

✅ Google Android 9.0

✅ Microsoft Windows 10 (October 2018 Update)

✅ Samsung Experiences 9.5

✅ Twitter Twemoji 11.0

✅ EmojiOne Version 4.0

✅ Emojipedia 11.0

If you see a square box here đŸ§Ŧ then check to see if your device needs updating!


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