Emoji Domains

Are visual & Brandable

Short & memorable, Emoji domains transcend language and stand out as the ultimate marketing tool to increase brand recognition and customer acquisition. "A picture is worth a 1,000 words." 

Are here to stay

The widespread popularity of the Emoji language gives people an easier way to express emotion and communication globally. Businesses have embraced Emoji in marketing & advertising to further connect their brand with new and existing customers. The Emoji domain era has just begun, welcome to the party  πŸŽ‰

use .wS

".ws" is a ccTLD (Top Level Domain) known as the standard for Emoij domains and is the ONLY Emoji domain extension supported by major companies such as GoDaddy, Coca-Cola, Uniregistry, Twitter and more. 

Emoji Domain How To videos

Search the internet using Emoji Domains!

How to Tweet Emoji Domains

why Emoji Domains?

  • Universal Language

  • Short & Memorable

  • Visual Brand Recognition

  • Innovative Marketing Tool

  • First Mover Advantage

  • Build Loyalty With Your Followers

  • Add Authority to Your Emoji Usage

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Brand Testimonials 

β€œAfter the purchase of www.πŸ”«.ws, traffic to Weapon Depot increased by 300%. The pistol emoji is making Weapon Depot socially engaging for users across social media platforms. It is advancing our social commerce experience and driving consistent traffic to our site.”
— Weapon Depot
β€œIn the last few weeks Phoenix Rising (www.πŸ”₯.ws)Β has driven over 1000 link clicks to visit their newsletter and importantly, their merchandise store through the πŸ”₯.ws emoji domain name.”
— World Emoji Brand